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Mentorship program

Call for mentees

If you are a women in training or young INR practitioner, interested to be mentored by another women practicing INR, you are invited to join our mentorship program.

Studies show that having support from a same gender mentor could help advance your progress in our profession.

Our pool of mentors includes women practicing INR from all over the world.

Submit your application now or tell your trainees about our program.
You will then be able to access our pool of mentors and choose the one that best fits your needs. Mentorship will include monthly meetings of about 1 hour.

The list of mentors will be available on this page: Women in INR; if you're selected we will send you the password to access it.

Application Mentees Application Mentors


Please send your application to: secretary [at] 

Ronit Agid
Interventional & Diagnostic Neuroradiologist
Toronto Western Hospital
Toronto, Ontario

Sara Power
Vice Chair
Interventional & Diagnostic Neuroradiologist
Beaumont Hospital