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The One-Time Limited Amendment

Special Amendment:Executive Committee Vote for 2021

Given the disruption by COVID19 of the WFITN congress in 2021, the planned vote for the Executive Committee cannottake place during a WFITN congress, as has always been previously done.It is the desire of the ExCom to avoid in any way impeding the WFITN membership’s ability to exercise their right to vote. However, it would be a highly disadvantageous situation if the vote for the Executive becamepermanently disconnected from the WFITN biannual congressgoing forward. Therefore, in order for the WFITN membership to express their preference on how to handle this unique situation, a vote was held at the special virtual General Assembly meeting on February 2, 2021. The following special amendment was accepted:The current ExCom should continue in their respective roles for an additional one year beyond the normal two-year term. There will be no vote for a new ExCom in 2021, and the next vote will take place at the Kyoto GA in 2022.After this COVID-related special scenario, the Executive Committee term of office will revert to two years, as mandated by the constitution.