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Dear members and colleagues

It gives me great joy to begin my term as President by joining today with all of you, the members of WFITN. I would like to communicate my passion for the field and my utmost respect for the superb professional medical staff around the globe who work in interventional and therapeutic neuroradiology.

Stroke is ranked as the second leading cause of death worldwide, with an annual mortality of about 5.5 million. And the burden of stroke does not lie only in its high mortality, rather – its high morbidity results in up to 50% of survivors being chronically disabled. Thus, stroke is a disease of immense public health importance, with serious economic and social consequences. The advent of neuroendovascular therapy has revolutionized stroke treatment. And this active, interventional approach towards stroke management has continued to make dramatic progress over the past few years, as the number of patients who can be helped through endovascular procedures has increased significantly. As a result, the demand for endovascular physicians has skyrocketed, and a great deal of effort and resources have been spent on their education and training. The WFITN has been dedicated to the improvement of physician skills and education since its inception in 1990, and I myself have learned tremendously from the founders of the WFITN.

The main missions of our society are:  

To spread scientific knowledge and high-level technique of neuroendovascular therapy throughout the world.

To improve the clinical results of endovascular therapy and contribute to improvement of the quality of life of the patient.

To link societies of neurointervention around the world to each other, thereby promoting communication and creating a more effective global continuing educational system. 

To coordinate policy on training, research practices, and ethics as it pertains to neurointervention.

To provide as many opportunities as possible for learning to the younger generation of neurointerventionalists.

I am determined to mobilize the means required to implement these missions through a revitalized global partnership. We cannot walk alone, and therefore, partnership is vital. 

WFITN is not a hierarchy that stands above the specialty societies in each country, but is rather an agent of connection, facilitating large organizations in each country, partnerships, and individuals coming together, in an effort to promote neurointervention. So please – view us as being here for you, and please – make use of WFITN as this kind of connection tool!

“All the people in the world would be guaranteed to receive this innovative therapy.”

This is my policy, and I am ready to dedicate my all to achieve the WFITN missions. 

I deeply appreciate all of your contributions and your continuing support of our federation. 

Let’s walk together in partnership, with each other and with our patients.

With my best personal regards,

Michihiro Tanaka, M.D.,Ph.D.