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Final program

WFITN Course on Neurovascular Anatomy
São Paulo, November 6-10, 2016


S. Bracard

Nancy, France
S. Holmin

Stockholm, Sweden
P. Mercier

Angers, France
R. Piske

Sao Paolo, Brazil
V. Pereira

Toronto, Canada
G. Rodesch

Paris, France
M. Soderman

Stockholm, Sweden
P. Vilela

Lisbon, Portugal


Program São Paulo

Welcome and Introduction: Why Anatomy?
Presentation of students and speakers.
Cranio cervical junction: pharyngo-occipital arterial system : embryology (proatlantal 1and 2, hypoglossal), anatomy, arterial variations (S. Holmin)
Coffee Break
Surgical 3D vascular anatomy of the cranio cervical junction (Ph. Mercier)
Transcranial anastomoses and cranial nerve supply (M. Soderman)
Vascularization of the middle ear (S.Holmin)
Functional vascular anatomy of the musculocutaneous arteries of the head and mouth (V. Pereira)
Surgical 3D vascular anatomy of the vascularization of the cranial nerves (Ph.Mercier)
Functional vascular anatomy of the maxillo facial region (R.Piske)
Vascularization of the nasal fossa (V. Pereira)
Embryology and Anatomy of the Internal Carotid Artery (G. Rodesch)
Cavernous sinus: internal carotid artery and its branches. Arterial variations (M. Soderman)
Coffee Break
Surgical 3D Anatomy of the cavernous sinus (Ph. Mercier)
Ophthalmic artery: embryology, anatomy, arterial variations (S. Bracard) 
Surgical 3D anatomy of the orbit (Ph. Mercier)
Collateral vessels to the brain: from pipes to genes (G. Rodesch)
ECA-ICA Anastomoses and cranial nerve supply (G. Rodesch & M. Soderman)
ICA-cavernous sinus-ophthalmic artery (V. Pereira, S. Holmin & R. Piske)
Workstation about all topics (S. Bracard & P. Vilela) 
Coffee Break(s) between working sessions
Vertebro-Basilar system . PICA, AICA, SCA (P. Vilela)
Surgical 3D anatomy of the perforators of the vertebro- PICA region (Ph. Mercier)
Coffee Break
Intra axial vascularisation of the brain stem (S. Bracard)
Basilar Tip variations and perforating arteries (G. Rodesch) 
Surgical 3D anatomy of the basilar tip and perforators (Ph. Mercier)
Angioanatomy of the Circle of Willis. Variations and Perforating arteries (R. Piske)
Surgical 3D anatomy of the Circle of Willis (Ph. Mercier)
Maxillofacial region and nasal fossa vascularization (M. Soderman & G.Rodesch)
Circle of Willis (V. Pereira, S. Holmin & R. Piske)
Workstation covering all topics incl. perforators (P. Vilela & S. Bracard)
Coffe Break(s) between workshop sessions
Anterior Choroidal Artery and Posterior Cerebral Artery:  Embryology, anatomy, arterial variations (G. Rodesch)  
Anterior Cerebral Artery and Middle Cerebral Artery (S. Bracard)
Coffee Break
Anatomy of arteries and veins of the spine and spinal cord (G. Rodesch)
Surgical 3D anatomy of arteries and veins of the spine and spinal cord (Ph. Mercier)
Spine and spinal cord (G. Rodesch & M. Soderman)
Cerebral arteries variations and territories (V. Pereira, R.Piske & S. Holmin)
Workstation about all topics (S. Bracard &  P. Vilela)
Coffe Break(s) between workshop sessions
Intracranial Venous system: Cortical veins and dural sinuses:
supra and infratentorial dispositions. Normal vascular anatomy and variations (P. Vilela) 
Intracranial Venous system: deep cerebral veins and transmedullary system (S. Bracard)
Coffee Break
Surgical 3D venous anatomy (Ph. Mercier)
Workshops (veins and sinuses)
Self Evaluation Test
End of the course