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Research Grant

Fonds de Dotation de la WFITN

Endowment Fund Neurointerventional Research Grant

The WFITN Endowment Fund is posting this grant call for two-year projects with clinical or translational focus.


The World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology (WFITN) Endowment Fund is posting this grant call for research projects within the field of Interventional Neuroradiology. The purpose of the call is to support clinical and/or translational research by providing resources for salaries and project running costs for two years to enable and promote research within the field.


Art 2 in the WFITN Endowment Fund constitution states:

“The object of the Endowment Fund of the WFITN is to promote the development and advancement of the interventional and therapeutic neuroradiology discipline focused on endovascular neurosurgery throughout the world and in particular through the training of future neuroradiologists.

In order to achieve the object laid down in these articles, the Endowment Fund shall implement any or all means that it deems appropriate through direct or indirect actions, in particular by contributing to scientific research, the training of future neuroradiologists, teaching, the pooling of knowledge by means of meetings, conferences or any or all useful means ...”

Description of the call

Application to the grant may be by a single researcher or by a team led by a main applicant, with potentially one co-applicant. The main applicant must be at least partly clinically active or must be performing research in the field of interventional neuroradiology. The grant shall contribute to funding of salaries and/or to cover project running costs over two years, and must be used within three years from the start of the project. The grant amount is 50 000 EURO per year for two years (100 000 EURO in total per grant). Pilot research projects are particularly encouraged but other types of projects are not excluded. A broad range of research topics can be explored, ranging from, for example, clinically relevant vascular biology projects or genetic investigations to independent clinical outcome studies.

The application shall consist of the following:

  • Project description in English, with a maximum length of five pages with Times New Roman 12 font size, with the following headings: Background, Network and Infrastructure, Materials and Methods (including proposed time-line), Preliminary Results, Significance, and References (with a maximum of 10 references)
  • CV for the main applicant (and possible co-applicant) with a maximum length of two pages for each individual
  • Academic performance indicators for the applicant(s) such as h-index, citations and list of all publications for the applicant(s) in the last 5 years.
  • Budget (brief format) specifying salary costs and running costs including overhead and possible contribution from other resources
  • Letter of support signed by the department head or other office of the applicant’s home institution, agreeing that the project can be conducted at the organization receiving the grant.

Eligibility to apply

Applicants will be eligible to apply if they have completed their PhD or have comparable scientific experience and are involved at least part time with clinical interventional neuroradiology. Applicants who perform active translational or clinical research in the field are also eligible. The applicant must be a member in good standing of the WFITN.

Size and administration of the grant

The grant is administered by the applicant’s institution. The grant is paid yearly, in advance. The grant may be used until the end of the third year after the start of the project. In case the project is successful and spans over more than two years, it may be possible to get additional funding for another year of support by way of additional application.

If the grant is not fully used after three (four) years from date of acceptance, the funds or what remains thereof shall be returned to the WFITN Endowment Fund.

Review criteria

Applications will be reviewed by the WFITN Endowment Fund scientific committee, composed of members from all continents, based on the following criteria: novelty of research, quality of research, significance, competence and network/infrastructure (main applicant and potential co-applicant). If several applications sore identically on review, application from low- or low-middle income countries (World Bank criteria) will be prioritized.

If there is no application fulfilling the criteria in a given year, the grant will be postponed and announced again the following year.


Funded projects will need to submit a short written report to the WFITN Endowment Fund once a year, as well as a written final report. The applicant is also expected to provide an oral presentation at the WFITN meeting after completion of the project.


Applications must be submitted electronically to: secretary [at]
The application period is April 1st, 2022 through June 30, 2022. Incomplete or late applications will not be reviewed.
For further information about the grant, please contact: secretary [at]