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The World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology is chartered as an international scientific non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the interventional and therapeutic neuroradiology discipline focussed on endovascular neurosurgery throughout the world.

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15th Congress of WFITN

Australia, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Queensland, Australia - November 9-13, 2015

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President´s Greetings

Dear Colleagues,
Dear Friends,

The WFITN was welcomed for one week last January in Val d´Isère during the traditional ABC WIN Meeting, where interesting and passionate debates and discussions took place, as always during this inescapable appointment. On January 18, the WFITN held its second seminar devoted to its recommendations for certification and maintenance of competences in Interventional Neuroradiology. Indeed, a reflection committee led by Honorary President Luc Picard had gathered already in 2013, and the 2014 meeting allowed for finalize a document about that topic that will be published soon in “Interventional Neuroradiology”. This particular seminar, thus, is the continuation of the considerations of the WFITN about our specialty, and proves the involvement of our society in the reinforcement and stabilization of Interventional Neuroradiology.

Members of the Executive Committee met on January 20, and the General Assembly of the WFITN was held on January 23. The minutes of the last Excom meeting and General Assembly in Buenos Aires have been approved. Five new members have been elected, and we are nowadays 822 members. Unfortunately, however, only 430 of them are in good standing. It is a pity that so many members, although having been accepted in our community, do not pay their membership fees. It is certainly unintentional and related to mail problems, difficulties of contact etc… Please check your personal status either on the website, or by contacting our secretary Sabine Heckmann ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). If you are not in good standing, we kindly ask you to participate in the life of our society: Please pay your membershipfees! The more paying members we will have, the more the WFITN will count strong adherents, and the more important our political weight will be.

The treasurer of the WFITN, Serge Bracard, has reported about the healthy situation of our finances that is further insured by the benefits that the last meeting in Argentina has made, thanks to Luis’ and Pedro’s help and work. We heard reports of the next Presidents of the WFITN congresses, Winston Chong (Gold Coast-Australia 2015) and Istvan Szikora (Budapest 2017), who are already working hard to prepare these important events. I have no doubt that we will all participate actively in these future meetings, which will show the dynamismof our society and the interest we all have in its expansion and its participation in the neuroscientific debates.

I have given strategic orientations during the President’s report that I propose during my mandate: the revision of the constitution, the upgrade of the website, the creation of a joint course in neurovascular diseases with the World Federation of Neurosurgery (WFNS), and the design of a charter of ethics of the WFITN. We are currently in a “transitional” phase between the current functioning of the WFITN and the revision of the constitution that we have agreed on in Buenos Aires. It had been adequately suggested by In Sup Choi during a previous Excom that more members at large (they are currently only three ) should be elected (possibly one per continent) in order to have worldwide representatives within the Executive Committee. We have, thus, not only to prepare that future but also have to be prepared to face new responsibilities and tasks within our group. It is in that sense that I have proposed some functional changes in the Excom for my mandate, with respect of the constitution and of the tasks devoted to the WFITN. The members at large indeed, according to article 11 of the current constitution, had no important tasks to fulfill and have sometimes expressed frustration about their position. I have proposed to make them responsible for precise works in order to also regroup the activities as much as possible under one responsibility. The members at large will be assisted in their mission by several members in good standing coming from all continents who have wished to work for the society and who, thus, can be considered as representative of various standing committees. I am glad to tell that after this proposal, made already in Buenos Aires and accepted by the Excom, the members at large and their group have rapidly begun to work actively and with enthusiasm: They could already report in Val d’Isère about the advances of their projects. 

Allan Taylor, assisted by David Le Feuvre, is responsible for the proposal of revision of the constitution that will be submitted during 2014 to the Excom, before hopefully approval during the next General Assembly in Val d’Isère. Article 1 is modified with the help of a lawyer: The main office of the WFITN does not reside in the offices of the ESNR anymore but is independently based in France (where the bank account of the WFITN is settled since the creation of the WFITN).

Darren Orbach, with the help of Dae Sul Chuh and Seon Kuy Lee, is responsible for the upgrade of the website. He has already contacted several web companies who have sent technical proposals. The future website should indeed be scientific, social, and interactive. We are all working on the various aspects of this website and we hope that we will have a modern tool at our disposal that will satisfy each of us very rapidly.

René Van den Berg and Thomas Mayer are responsible for a Device Regulation Committee that will be in contact with the companies and will report the needs or difficulties we may have with devices to them.

Article 3.2 of the current constitution mentions that the WFITN should “organize educational courses in interventional and therapeutic neuroradiology.” This has not occurred at this stage. Many important national or international courses do already exist, and there is no reason to suppress or modify them. However, a neuroscientific course that would be held by the WFITN and the WFNS, who could both bring their original angle of view on neurovascular diseases, could have a special flavor to trainees and would strengthen not only the collaboration between world federations but also our knowledge. Myth or reality? I definitely hope that we will be able to bring that project to life. I have been in touch, thanks to the support and help of Ling Feng, Hongqi Zhang and Anton Valavanis, with representatives of the WFNS, and we have begun to evoke the principles of such a joint course. They have shown an interest in that idea that will be discussed soon within the ExCom of the WFNS. We are of course far from the realization of that idea at this stage, and much energy and political willingness has to be brought into that project.

We have also decided that the audit of the finances of the WFITN from now on should be made not only by one of our members but also by an official audit company in order to allow a transparent control of these finances and avoid any conflict of interest.
Last but not least, we have agreed that the next year’s WFITN seminar in Val d’Isère should be devoted to a “Charter of Ethics”. This is a difficult and ambitious task, too: We will need efforts and dedications of many of us and of all of you to clarify that concept and to ultimately propose publishing a document that will define the position of the WFITN.

These are, dear Colleagues, dear Friends, the major lines of the program that I propose you for the two coming years. We will continue our projects: We have already advanced in these tasks, and I hope that we will all be able to do something positive with them. An advisory board, constituted by pioneers and mentors of our specialty (Alex Berenstein, In Sup Choi, Anton Valavanis, and prior Presidents of the WFITN), will help us and we look forward to gain advantage of their experience and support. All acts of goodwill are welcome: If the WFITN has shown its energy to reach its goals in the past, it has also been doing this with the help of all those who voluntarily wanted to be committed in the WFITN.

Join us and participate, enrich and boost our projects and our Federation! We are all dealing with our future and the strength of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology.

President of the WFITN