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The World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology is chartered as an international scientific non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the interventional and therapeutic neuroradiology discipline focussed on endovascular neurosurgery throughout the world.


ABC-WIN Seminar

18th to 23rd January 2015 (Sunday to Friday) at the Centre Henri Oreiller in Val d´Isère, France

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13th Congress of WFITN

Australia, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Queensland, Australia - November 9-13, 2015

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President´s Greetings

Dear colleagues, Dear Friends

Several months have now passed since our last newsletter. We hope that they have been successful for you and your professional activities.

The Executive Committee of the WFITN has been rather active during that period and we have made our best to advance our projects
Indeed, you will soon enjoy our new website. Darren Orbach, Member at Large responsible for the website renewal, has worked in depth with the Europa Company and we are now close to finalize the design and various aspects of this website. René Van den Berg, Member at Large responsible for the Device Regulation Committee, has contacted in the name of the WFITN several companies in order to improve the devices and conditions that are currently offered. Allan Taylor, Member at Large in charge of the revision and updating of the constitution, has advanced in the proposals concerning this remodeling. More details concerning all these important points will be given to you during the next General Assembly.

A new lawyer is taking care of the legal aspects of these revisions, as of the official contract we will sign in the future with Centauro in order to precise our mutual obligations concerning the Journal "Interventional Neuroradiology".
From financial point of view, the WFITN is doing rather well. Serge Bracard, our Treasurer, will explain you during the General Assembly the projects that could be developed in order to reinforce our finances.

Michael Soderman, Secretary General , has been supporting all these projects and has organized the daily life of our society. He and and Sirintara Pongpech, Vice President, have both worked with Winston Chong, future President of the WFITN meeting in Gold Coast (Australia) in November 2015, to arrange a thrilling scientific program. Winston will report to us the advancements of his preparations.

I have been in touch with the Executive Committee of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) and have proposed them the concept of a joint course between WFITN and WFNS. This idea has been accepted by the WFNS and we are working now within our Excom and Luc Picard, Honorary President, on the draft of such a course. It may take time before both societies agree with its program, but such a project would be a success for our Federation as it would anchor Interventional Neuroradiology in depth in the world of Neurosciences.

We have obviously more work to do and we are ready for that. There is one more year before our next meeting in Australia where the Executive Committee that you have elected will change. Before that we will report to you regularly about our activities: join us first in Val d'Isère next January and participate to the next General Assembly !

I hope that at the end of that coming year, we will, you will all be satisfied with all tasks that we have fulfilled. We are all working on that, and we thank you again for the confidence you showed us by confiding us these mandates.

See you in Val d'Isère !

Georges Rodesch
President of the WFITN