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The WFITN announces the position as Editor-in-Chief for the journal "Interventional Neuroradiology"

Dear Friends, dear Colleagues,

Masaki Komiyama is the current Editor-in-Chief of our journal ”Interventional Neuroradiology” and has successfully managed the journal for the last years. His contract expires in autumn this year and we are therefore looking for a successor.


Editor-in-Chief for the journal "Interventional Neuroradiology"

Job description

The Editor-¬in-Chief (EiC) is responsible for pursuing the strategic goals of the journal Interventional Neuroradiology (INR), in collaboration with the World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology (WFITN), the Publisher (SAGE Publishing) and the Editorial Board.

The EiC is the figurehead of the INR journal and responsible for raising the journal’s profile within the community, ensuring that its content meets the editorial strategy and policies of the journal.


Interventional Neuroradiology is a peer‐reviewed clinical practice journal documenting the current state of interventional neuroradiology worldwide. INR publishes original clinical observations, descriptions of new techniques or procedures, case reports, and articles on the ethical and social aspects of related health care. Original research published in INR is related to the practice of interventional neuroradiology. Submissions suitable for the Journal include observational studies, clinical trials, epidemiological work, reports on health services and outcomes, and advances in applied (translational) and/or basic research.

Please see:


INR publishes 6 issues per annum. The EiC is responsible for providing enough articles to ensure that the journal publishes on time.

In addition, the EiC will:

  • Represent the journal on all occasions.
  • Provide a development plan, to be updated yearly.
  • Work collaboratively with other scientific societies and other journals.
  • Drive the evolution of the journal, executing the goals defined in the journal’s development plan.
  • Implement strategies for increasing the number of high quality submissions, usage, citations and other measures of success for the journal.
  • Help increase the Impact Factor of the journal (currently 1.479)
  • Raise the profile of the journal through active promotion and soliciting high quality papers for publication.
  • Act as the senior authority on all matters of editorial policy, decisions and scope, acting with impartiality, confidentiality and fairness.
  • Attend and chair all Editorial Board meetings (number decided by the EiC).
  • Attend all WFITN Executive Committee meetings (one-¬‐ two physical meetings and 6‐10 video link meetings yearly).
  • Select and invite appropriately qualified scientists to serve as Editors and Section Editors ensuring there is adequate subject representation and geographical spread.
  • Write reports or provide updates on journal matters as required by the WFTIN Executive Committee.
  • Provide policy advice to Editors or arbitrate over disputed decisions
  • Handle the peer review of papers, select appropriate reviewers and, on the basis of the received reviews and their own opinion, to decide on the acceptability of the paper for publication.
  • Deal with manuscripts and all other issues promptly and with appropriate communication with the Editorial Office, authors, reviewers and other parties.
  • Deal with issues concerning research and publication misconduct according to the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Additional Information

The applicant must have good knowledge of the English language, although not necessarily native English speaking.
SAGE Publishing will provide training in editorial processes and the online submission/peer review system, and will offer advice, support and assistance as required.

The EiC must be a member of the WFITN. Provisional membership is acceptable and can be applied for online:
The EiC is entitled to a yearly salary as agreed upon with SAGE publisher.

Currently the contract period is three years, with renewal option.

Please send your application to:
Sabine Heckmann: secretary [at]

The application must consist of a CV and covering letter outlining your suitability for the role. In addition, please add two letters of recommendation for the position.
The letter should also include a strategy to increase the value and impact factor of the journal, for example web publishing of additional data and videos, issues focussed on subjects, collaboration with other journals, etc.

Closing date for applications: 18 June 2021

Applications will be reviewed by a committee from the WFITN and SAGE Publishing and there will be a joint decision on the choice of EiC.

For questions and further needed info regarding this position please contact:
Sabine Heckmann: secretary [at]

Welcome to work with the WFITN and SAGE publishing for the best of Interventional Neuroradiology!