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TOOK PLACE: WFITN Virtual General Assembly February, 2nd 2021

WFITN: Info Virtual General Assembly 2021 & constitutional amendments

- Headlines -

  • Minutes of this virtual ZOOM GA you will find after login at the members area under "General Assembly"
  • Important issues for votes were
    • Constitution change to allow virtual meetings - with majority agreed
    • How and when should a new excom be voted? Current Excom was voted with majority to continue another year till General Assembly in Kyto in August 2022. 

Dear WFITN Members,

We have been living through extraordinarily challenging times. In addition to the personal, professional, and social challenges we have all faced, the global pandemic has placed significant obstacles in the path of our normal functioning in WFITN as a collaborative and interactive community. While we all hope for a return to “normal” at some point in the not too distant future, it is very important that we be able to continue to carry out our mission of fostering the practice of neurointerventions globally, for the good of all of our patients. Therefore, the impediments that face us as a community must be met head on, and we have to put in place tools that allow us to continue to work together.

Accordingly, since international travel has become literally impossible or nearly impossible for most of us, we hold a “virtual” but live General Assembly. 

French law, under whose jurisdiction the WFITN operates, has a “COVID 19 Emergency Provision” according to which during the pandemic, electronic virtual meetings can take place for any association, in lieu of in-person physical meetings. Per French law, decisions made and votes taken have the same binding force as in-person votes, whether or not the association’s constitution or regulations have provisions already in place for electronic voting. Thus, there is no problem with our holding a virtual GA.

Info to the votes during the GA:

(A) As for many organizations, the pandemic has made explicit the WFITN’s vulnerability in terms of being able to carry on our normal functioning, should any circumstance arise where we cannot travel to be physically together. Thus, without the explicit provision in the French law mentioned above, we would literally be unable to vote on anything because we would not be able to hold a GA at all if we could not sit together in the same room; we would thus be completely paralyzed as an organization. Therefore, we are proposing an amendment to the WFITN constitution (attached here as “Proposed Article 14”) that would allow for virtual WFITN meetings and votes going forward. It was voted with majority for this constitutional amendment at the virtual GA.

(B) Since the WFITN Kyoto Congress has been rescheduled from its original date in 2021 to the following year – 2022, the two-year mandate of the current ExCom will lapse in the fall of 2021, at a time when there will be no congress at which to vote in the next Exom. Accordingly, we need to decide how to handle the situation, particularly as it is important to make sure to somehow re-align the vote for the Excom with our coming together in our WFITN congresses. We as an Excom do not want to impose any solution on the membership, and thus we have thought this through carefully and have constructed three options to put before the GA for a vote: (i) to extend the term of the current Excom by one year, to last until 2022, at which point a new Excom can be voted in at the 2022 Kyoto congress GA, (ii) to hold a virtual GA in the fall of 2021, at which time a new Excom can be voted in, with the term of this new Excom lasting one year, so that in 2022 at the Kyoto Congress a new Excom vote will be held, or (iii) to hold a virtual GA in the fall of 2021, at which time a new Excom will be voted in, with the term of the new Excom lastingthree years, so that in 2022 at the Kyoto Congress there will be no new Excom voted in, and the next Excom vote would take place at the NY Congress in 2024. Since the two-year term of the Excom is mandated by the constitution, any one of these three options requires a temporary, one-time constitutional amendment for enactment. Therefore, these options are being presented to you for a vote at the GA in the form of “Proposed One-Time Limited Constitutional Amendment re Excom 2021-2022.”   With majority it was voted for option (i) so for extension of one more year for the current Excecutive Committee. Next election will be at the General Assembly during congress in Kyoto in August 2022.

Thank you very much for your participation & contribution!

Very best regards to you all,


Darren Orbach (General Secretary) & Allan Taylor (President)