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From the president

Michael Söderman

I sincerely hope you are all doing well and to use an old Arabic proverb: “May your camels always find water in the desert”!

Many things have happened since the latest President’s letter in October last year. This mail is to keep you updated on what is going on in the vast corridors of the WFITN.

1. The question whether the WFITN should stay a constitutional society or become a true federation was discussed at length during the Saturday seminar the day before the ABC-WIN in Val d’Isère 2018. After a long and sometimes heated debate the recommendation from the far majority of the about 25 members present was to “Keep the spirit of the WFITN with appropriate constitutional changes, create a separate committee to manage recommendations, collaboration with other societies”. In addition, the voting system was thought to be obsolete and should be updated to better represent the international distribution of INR. The ExCom supported the recommendations and will put soon forward a proposal for your perusal.

2. The EUCOMED guidelines are in effect and will as you know affect financing of courses, meetings and individual physicians. The WFITN endowment fund is operational and will be used to channel the money from the industry and other sources, to be used for travel grants, scientific work, exchange programs etc.

3. As you surely have noticed the current Editor-in-Chief of our journal “Interventional Neuroradiology”, Professor Karel Terbrugge, will retire and we are looking for a successor. March 31st is the deadline to apply for this position. Don’t hesitate, apply if you consider it interesting and you believe you are the right person for the job!

4. The next course in Functional Neurovascular Anatomy will take place in Beirut, Lebanon, July 22-25. Prof. Michel Mawad is the local organizer and our past president Sirintara Pongpech is responsible for the scientific program. Take the chance to attend an excellent course and to see Beirut and Lebanon!

5. Jeyaledchumy Mahadevan (or more shortly “Jeya”) from Malaysia has started to investigate how to make the WFITN more appealing to women and how to balance the male dominance.

6. We now have a website committee with young enthusiastic members who, together with the chairperson Dae Chul Suh and our executive director Sabine Heckmann, are hard at work improving the WFITN website.

7. Finally, we need your input regarding a project that we have been discussing in the ExCom. The question is whether the WFITN should engage in a project that may be described as the creation and support of INR “seed sites” in underserved areas.
The concept would be to help with training and to support a few selected sites that are in the process of beginning to offer INR treatment. This would be an industry-funded project, run by the WFITN in collaboration with our industry partners. The setup would, very briefly, be as follows:

Identify possible sites:
• Necessary infrastructure (hospital, angiosuite, political support etc)
• Staff with proper background and training

• Training in a center of excellence
• Personal funding to local physician trainees
• Funding for courses, travel, etc.
• Practical help during the startup period
• Continuous help with case discussions, etc. (skype or similar)
• Continued education

Obviously, this is today only a discussion within the federation and with industry. We would very much appreciate your help in understanding if this may be a viable scheme.

To that end, please answer the two following questions:
Would you agree with such an undertaking, or do you think it is not in the interest of the WFITN or perhaps a waste of time and money?
If you agree, can you recommend any sites that may be suitable?

The mail address is: michael.soderman [at]

Thank you very much for supporting the WFITN!

Michael Söderman

Stockholm March 27th, 2018