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Letter from the president

Michael Söderman

Dear WFITN members, dear Friends,

The previous President’s letter was in November last year. Meanwhile we have had five Webex executive committee meetings and one physical meeting during the Val d’Isère ABC-WIN. Much has happened since November.

Please read this letter to the end, it contains important information.

The INR journal

Prof Masaki Komiyama has settled down being the Editor-in-Chief of our journal Interventional Neuroradiology. This process has indeed not been easy, and Masaki has spent considerable time managing the journal. In addition, the number of submissions has increased tremendously, and he receives more than 400 manuscripts per year. His workload is obviously substantial. Fortunately, there are now two section editors, Dr Paul Bhogal from London and Dr Leonard Yeo from Singapore, to help him. Nevertheless, we need several more section editors, please contact Masaki if you are interested. I can promise lots of work and little glory. His email address is masakomiyama [at]

Travel Grant

As mentioned in the previous letter the WFITN has created a travel grant for members coming from low or low-middle income countries, to support participation in the Naples meeting. At the time of the writing of this letter only a few persons have applied for this grant, which is sad and shows very well the difficulties in reaching the right people even with positive messages. I urge anybody working in the less prosperous parts of the world to apply and also to encourage your colleagues to apply. We will look positively on your application even if it does not fulfill all criteria. Please see the congress website for more info:

The Constitution

The WFITN Excom proposes two amendments to the constitution:

Firstly, removal of the paragraph about Honorary Presidents. The current honorary president is the WFITN founding member and unceasing supporter Professor Luc Picard. We feel that the role of Honorary President belongs to Luc and that it will be impossible and unfitting to choose another Honorary President among the past presidents. Thus we propose to remove this paragraph.

On the contrary, we propose to the WFITN General Assembly that all past presidents will, at the end of term, become honorary members. Today we only have one honorary member, Professor Olof Flodmark. Other members have also done a lot for the WFITN. Please propose for honorary membership individuals who have for a long time supported and worked for the good of the WFITN.

Please see attached the constitution with the paragraph about Honorary President removed and the sentence about Past Presidents highlighted.

We will vote on these amendments during the General Assembly in Naples October 22nd, 2019.

→ Amended constitution

Naples Congress survey

The preparation for the meeting in Naples is ongoing, It will be a great meeting with a very interesting program. Please see for the latest updates. Like in Budapest there will be a section for techs and nurses. We will also again look into the psychology of neurointervention. Ronit Agid in Toronto has prepared a questionnaire to better understand some human standards of our profession. The results will be reported in Naples. Please login and fill in the questionnaire. It will take a maximum of ten minutes:

→ Complete the survey

Applications to host the 2020 WFITN course in Functional Neurovascular Anatomy

The WFITN courses in Functional Neurovascular Anatomy have been very successful, engaging lecturers from the WFITN as well as local expertise. The course has now been in Lisbon, Sao Paulo, Delhi and Beirut. The next course will be in Hong Kong in September 2019.

We welcome applications to host the 2020 WFITN course in Functional Neurovascular Anatomy!

Please submit your application no later than August 31st, 2019. Applications should be sent to the WFITN office with a copy to the President. Please see attachment for info about the application process and guidelines for the course.

→ Application process

Website improvement

The WFITN website committee plan a revision of the WFITN website. A first step is an inquiry to the members what they expect from a website and what they find useful and interesting. Please see attached letter from the educational website subcommittee.

→ Web subcommittee letter


Warm regards and see you soon in Naples!

Michael Söderman
WFITN President